Wiha Tools Duo pack Bit Holder Screwdriver with Diagonal Cutters


Wiha Tools Duo pack Bit Holder Screwdriver with Diagonal Cutters

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Wiha tools Workshop DUO set BiCut Diagonal Cutter with Workshop Bit Screwdriver

Wiha Magazine Screwdriver Bit Holder 3809 plus Wiha BiCut Diagonal Cutters


New Wiha Z180200002 BiCut Diagonal Cutters – 200mm Cutting Pliers

  • Switchable high-performance diagonal cutters for cutting various materials from soft to extremely hard, such as cables, nails, screws, bolts, wire cable, spring wire, chains, etc.
  • Standards Based on DIN ISO 5749
  • Drop forged of high-quality C70 steel
  • BiCut does the job of two pairs of pliers, cutting force doubled for extremely hard materials
  • Up to 50% less hand strength required for cutting
  • Easily switch between the two strengths in a one handed operation
  • Robust and durable – Cutter blades induction hardened up to 64 HRC
  • Shape of head Semi-circular

Wiha Magazine Bit holder 3809 01 01

Inside the grip,p the bits are not only securely kept, but also available within seconds : The magazine swings opens with light pressure of the thumb The bits are changed equally rapidly: The light prominent bits can be easily removed Simply attach to the magnetic holder, magazine is again shut – that was With the ergonomically designed SoftFinish® handle made of soft, skin-friendly material, users need not to give up comfort.

Highlights & Details

  • Eight screwdrivers in one
  • Slots 6.5 mm
  • Cross Slots-PH 1/PH 2/PH 3
  • Cross Slots -PZ 2
  • TORX® T15/T20/T25.
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