Wera Ratchet Hammer Koloss 8002

Wera Ratchet Hammer Koloss 8002

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New Wera Ratchet Hammer Koloss 8002

Wera 8002 C Koloss 1/2 inch Square Drive Ratchet with Hammer


It’s a hammer. Wait, it’s a ratchet. Actually, it’s both. That’s what you get with the Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet, a handy tool that’s perfect for some of the toughest jobs out there. It’s a heavy-duty push thru ratchet complete with integrated hammer heads making it a go-to tool for shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, aircraft construction or any other trade that requires some serious know-how.

It’s the unbreakable square drive of the Koloss that serves as a hammer while its ratchet design allows for sockets and accessories to be easily attached. The tubular shaft of the handle reduces impact vibrations when driving bolts, it can transfer at least 600 Nm of torque when you need it most, offers reversible functionality, and also comes with a holster to help keep everything organized.

Typical applications include: mechanical engineering; ship building; mining; aircraft construction; petroleum industry; industrial plant construction; scaffolding; high rack systems; road building; bridge construction; railway construction and maintenance; commercial vehicle construction and maintenance. Multi-component kraftform handle for optimum pressure, impact, and tensile loads. The tubular shaft minimises impact vibrations. The holster helps to keep tools organised. Ratchet function for 1/2 inch square sockets and 1/2 inch adaptors with square drive ball lock. Hammer function to align workpieces. Design features: Push-through square drive for forward and reverse operation; fine-tooth ratchet mechanism; small return angle of only 6 degrees; can transfer at least 600 N.m of torque; dropforged hammer head pinned to shaft in form-fit joint; dry-fined striking face. Handle end contains adaptor for included Koloss extension 8780 C (341mm). Also includes 8782 C Pad (50mm x 50mm), and holster.

No need to carry two different tools; the tool is unbreakable and is a long-term investment

Sockets and accessories are easily attached; the square drive gives way to impacts and cannot be damaged when the ratchet is used as a hammer; permanently locked; hardened square drive

Completely safe; a removable retaining ring makes the ratchet mechanism easy to clean or grease

The push-through square drive; including the tooth system; is far more robust than a forward/reverse switch

The drop-forged hammer head is pinned to the shaft in a form-fit joint


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