Southern Cross Pottery Ceramic Water Purifier -Sterasyl Filter – Colour Jade


Southern Cross Pottery Ceramic Water Purifier -Sterasyl Filter – Colour Jade

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Southern Cross Pottery Water Purifiers-Peacock Green with Sterasyl Cartridge – Jade

Established in 1987, Southern Cross Pottery is a multi award winning production pottery specialising in the manufacture of all hand made and hand decorated stoneware gravity fed water purifiers. Southern Cross Pottery water purifiers remove virtually all impurities, keeps the water cool naturally, makes the water taste better all without the need for plumbing or electricity. Using a carbon and ceramic filter our system does not remove healthful minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, and does not leave the water tasting flat, all for only a few cents per litre.

Southern Cross Pottery specializes in the manufacture of all Australian hand made gravity stoneware water purifiers.

These ceramic water purifiers remove virtually all impurities including giardia, chlorine and fluoride. Our Large and Ultra Slim ceramic purifiers are fitted either with a 12 month ROYAL DOULTON SUPER STERYSIL filter or a 12 month SCP FLUORIDE PLUS™

Ultra Slim Water Purifiers

Southern Cross Pottery offers a wide selection of handmade, ultra slim water purifiers. Made with nontoxic materials, our collection entitles you to find the perfect container to store your drinking water.

The ultra slim water purifiers come with a separate ceramic stand and holds approximately 10 litres. The inverted bell housing the filter at the top of the purifier holds about 3 litres so that at any given time about 7 litres can be accessed from the tap at the bottom. The ultra slim purifier is approximately 220mm wide and 550mm high including the stand.

12 month royal doulton super sterasyl

The 12 month or 2000 litre super sterasyl filter manufactured by Royal Doulton is far and the way the best gravity filter manufactured anywhere.With its Absolute filtration rating (defined as >99.99%) of 0.9 microns, this filter is highly effective against particulate contamination, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, giardia, cryptosporidium as well as chlorine and organic removal capabilities. This filter has been tested and certified to The World Health Organization and the national laboratory standards of over 50 countries.

(67mm x 127mm)


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