Bissell Products – An Overview

Bissell Products – An Overview

Cleaning carpets is always a job we put off, thinking it will be too expensive and inconvenient to call a professional carpet cleaner in. With the latest Bissell technology, carpet cleaning is no longer reserved for professionals. You can achieve quality results and clean carpets all year round with your own Bissell Carpet Washer.

Home and Car Upholstery and Small Spills Cleaning

No matter how careful you are, small spills and general stains are unavoidable. Bissell SpotClean and Bissell Turbo SpotClean are designed for portable lightweight use and are perfect for these situations.

Both carpet cleaning machines use water and Bissell Cleaning Formulas to remove stains from carpets and fabric upholstery. The cleaning tool sprays evenly onto the surface you are cleaning and the strong suction lifts the moisture out of the carpet and takes the stain with it.

Bissell SpotClean and Bissell SpotClean Turbo are both easy to use and clean, with SpotClean Turbo featuring a Hydro rinse self-cleaning tool.

Large Areas

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner will be a thing of the past when you have a Bissell Carpet Cleaner at home. Choose from a range of machines to suit your flooring and refresh your carpets year-round.

Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Upright Carpet Washer has a brush head to gently scrub fibers as you move it across the carpet. Much like the SpotClean machines, the Proheat sprays cleaning solution deep into the carpet and the suction removes the liquid and stain, leaving a fresh and clean surface.

The Proheat also has a detachable tool for upholstery and stairs, as well as a deep clean mode that will outperform commercial rentals.

The Bissell Powerclean Upright is a slimline, lightweight machine and is perfect for regular use. Using the same Bissell cleaning technology and liquid cleaning formula as the others, it is strong enough to lift deep stains.

Hybrid Floor Cleaners

Throw away the mop and bucket and stop using dirty water to clean floors. The Bissell Crosswave is the most exciting floor cleaning machine on the market.

This hybrid floor cleaner allows you to not only clean hard floors and area rugs but, also vacuum at the same time. Meaning you can mop, wash your rugs, and vacuum in a 3rd of the time.

The Bissell Crosswave is perfect for a busy family and comes in a corded or cordless model, giving you flexibility and versatility. The Crosswave also comes in a Pet option that allows you to easily clean up after your pet with its tangle-free brush roll and pet hair strainer, making it easy to clean.

Bissell Cleaning Formulas

Bissel has a large range of specialty Bissell cleaning formulas designed for all types of applications.

Use Bissell Stain Pretreat or Pet Stain Pretreat to loosen stains before using your chosen carpet washer, allowing you to easily lift the stain first go.

Bissell Wash & Remove is perfect for allergy sufferers and can remove pollen, pet hair, and dust mites from carpets and soft furnishings. Perfect for your Spring clean before allergy season kicks in.

Bissell also has a variety of cleaning solutions for larger machines including Wash & Protect with inbuilt Scotchguard, Blossom & Breeze Formula for a beautiful fresh smell, and a pet range designed to remove stains and pet odors.

Bissell Crosswave cleaning formulas come in a range suitable for most hard floors such as Lino, tiles, and specialty formula for wood floors.

Investing in a Bissell Carpet Washer will pay for itself in no time and allow you to easily clean and refresh your floors year-round.

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